Plant based decadence

Benevolent Bounty is happy to provide you with amazing meal plans, desserts and catering. Welcome to a Whole Food Plant Based eating experience of decadence and flavor! I have worked in a large variety of locations and in many diverse situations. 

I am available for catering small events and parties, recurring dining commitments and single batch dessert orders. I would be honored to offer my desserts at your business, workshop or retreat. I have quite a catalog of recipes and am also always open to new concepts and themes geared to your diet. 


Experience of culinary endeavors:
~Vegan, Gluten Free dessert Chef for Chef Manny Torres at Roxy's - SF
~Head Vegan Gluten Free Chef for Collective Green SF and
~Vegan baker and chocolate maker Rock Candy Snack Shop- SF (permanently closed)
~Holistic health, desserts and meals for Green Goddess Feel Good Market - Cabo, MX IG: green_goddess.sjc

~7 years of private catering, events and retreats