She worked with my restaurant providing vegan, gluten free sustainable desserts. I loved them, and the guests definitely loved them! Such a flexible chef and fun to work with. She does her best to please all palates so all can enjoy her creations!

I worked closely with her for 5 years. She led the build team of our Burning Man camp. She was able to eloquently manage a team of 25 people and kept everyone inspired and ready to go each day. As structures were erected and interiors decorated, esteems and attitudes were kept high, and it was always completed on time and with great success. I now consider her family, and wouldn't want it any other way.

A one of a kind genuine soul. Not only she's a massage therapist but she's also very knowledgeable in other fields. She gives good health advice. She introduced me to the candida diet, and it worked great with my health living style. I truly recommend her!

She has a wonderful knack for blending deliciousness and nutritiousness. She is also awesome at really listening to what your body needs and helping you set attainable goals to be your best self. I've learned a lot from her as a friend and healer and you will too!

She is absolutely lovely. Not only is her massage fantastic, but her spiritual, nutritional, and athletic knowledge make her a natural healer. Her kind and calm demeanor is exactly what you need to slow down in your daily life and take a minute for yourself!

She has an intuitive ability to know what ails you.  I went to her with an aching back and she made it better.  She knew exactly what to do.  She is knowledgeable, expert at her craft and can offer advice about your body as well as pertinent healthful information about nutrition and wellness.  I highly recommend.   An experienced professional and a nice person as well.

What an incredibly gifted healer. I felt extremely fortunate to receive a deep body work and energy work session with her which completely calmed my nervous system and allowed me fully connect with my body. She easily found the blockages and trauma that I was holding and guided me into surrender. She created a safe container for my feminine energy and expansion. Ladies, if you want to open, transform, heal and grow then I can not recommend this beautiful woman enough.

She embodies the spirit of the souls deepest intentions to create new neural pathways to inner acceptance and bliss. She has trained in various arts and methods, but her core intuition ultimately guides her sessions to bring out an immense joy and sense of connection.

I'm a Reiki Master teacher myself, and I meet regularly with her and exchange this beautiful energy! I love the fact that she combines reiki with massage, it feels amazing whenever we have a session together. I'm really looking forward to our next!

I am a practicing massage therapist and practitioner of Chinese medicine in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. I have been in practice since 1995 specializing in pain treatment. After receiving massage from her I quickly realized her skill level as a healer. I have taught therapists in massage and aspects of Chinese medicine through the years. This has taught me that there are those who copy and repeat information and there are those few who have the ability to express this as there own healing art. She is that rare later therapist. If you seek assistance in reducing stress or are dealing with chronic pain you're in good hands.

I believe this woman is an angel. Her loving touch and guidance has brought so much ease into my life after doing a few ongoing sessions with her. I am a life coach myself, and it's very important to have my own coaches to work on my inner growth, she did just that! We've been working on soul coaching and self love. It's been absolutely incredible. After every session, for about 3 full days after, I feel like I'm walking on a cloud. I couldn't recommend these sessions highly enough. She provides the internal and external support you need to become a better version of you. Do a few sessions with her, it will be the best thing you've ever invested in!

A being made of light, she has very strong healing energy which immediately made me feel comfortable. The key is to recognize the piety of these sessions and what it represents and reach out with pure intent and She pours her heart into supporting your healing and growth. I have become happier, healthier and much more focused since I have been working with her. What an amazing therapist. A beautiful soul, indeed. A talent so unique deserves to be cherished.

She's like a 'body whisperer' where she can find not just the spot that hurts the most and help it, but also all the other spots that are affected by the initial hurt! Additionally, she is lovely company with a great energy for healing. Highly Reccomended!!!