No one said it would be easy

That doesn't mean it has to be hard! And hey, no one said you had to listen to whoever said how things were going to be either, and even if they did, who said you have to listen? After facing a few MONTHS of back and hip pain issues, of which have been recurring since 2008, I have seen so many therapists, chiropractors, physical therapist specialists, massage and you name it!! Well, I made it in to see a new massage/personal trainer yesterday and he nailed so many issues right off the bat. Once you decide you can allow yourself to heal, and allow yourself to be free, you will be. In the reality of either being freed from the pain or freed from the care the pain exists - you will eventually find peace, if you find Love. For years I have questioned, why is it there, why is my hip always out, how do I fix it, what's wrong with it?!?! - Yesterday we took a new approach and looked at where is stronger and where is weaker and lets find that balance. Can you believe the nerve of my therapist to suggest I should start popping up surfing on my opposite foot! LEFT FOOT FORWARD ARE YOU INSANE! ?! But guess what, it was actually really easy and I didn't struggle with it at all, so we immediately looked at where I am overcompensating and where I am throwing my weight and how to remedy that. I encourage you do look at this for all aspects of your life, not just quads and glutes. Why are you such a control freak?? Does it stem from learning the hard way you could'nt trust someone at an early age? (Perhaps an absentee parent or unkind sibling). Do you fall in love too fast and wonder why, or just say "it's how you're made" or MAYBE that parent who always promised you the moon and didn't even deliver a pie always kept you hopeful and waiting for that one time they would be there for you (leading to the issue in my first example later in life) So instead of just thinking you "Are a certain way" and focusing on why you are that way - maybe it's a good idea to look at the contrasting characteristic. Once you realize it's time to wake up, there is no going back to sleep, and you will keep growing and keep healing and keep moving forward, and it is a scary and magical and wonderful thing, to wake up. If you have a moment and an ability to reflect, I suggest doing it, and taking yourself into a new zone, not discomfort, not comfort, just new.. look at yourself in a different light and start exercising those skills and see what happens. I have my whole life associated with the element of water, and fire second, someone referred to me as an earth element and described all the ways in which I bring those qualities to life and it blew my mind! I'm earthy?! haha of course I am! Finding that new angle, over and over again, that new muscle to stretch, that new skill to learn - that's what it's all about man, and it's only hard if you choose for it to be!! Now I just need to find my air element and I will be complete ;)

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