Gettin Legit

Whether you've been following my path (my whole life) or not, you may know some things about me. I started my journey of vegetarian/raw/vegan living in 2009 and have been some form or another ever since. A facebook memory reminded me today of a birthday dinner I had 5 years ago at a popular Vancouver Raw food restaurant (Organic Lives, now closed unfortunately). Although my family obliged and came to dinner, there were definitely snickers at the "food" selections and a desire to go somewhere else for something else. But the truth holds strong, I have been focusing my life around wholesome, healthy, organic, living foods for the better part of my adult life. This is actually saying a LOT as I was a very difficult eater as a youth. I basically lived off instant cheese noodles, chicken fingers and ham pizza. Vegetable? Forget about it. Want to know a secret? I was 23 years old when I tried my first cherry. TWENTY THREE!!! Needless to say, it has been a wild ride and a BIG shift in my existence from the person I once was. I feel like I am not even from the same planet as the Joanna of yonder year. You may be aware that I have a several component goal for Benevolent Bounty and have obviously already begun. The end game is a mind,body,spirit coach coming at ya from a wide variety of trainings outside the life skills I have accumulated. I began my spiritual journey back in 2008 getting my Reiki levels 1 and 2 certifications and beginning my path as a healer/intuitive/wizard/witch and traveling the world learning and growing and expanding as I went, including things like vipassana meditation ( ) as well as shamanic journeying and disciplined yogic paths. The next step in my process came to enrolling at IIN and recieving my holistic health coaching certification. I had plans for 2015 to enroll in the Living Light Institute and was unfortunately met with the news that they ended their courses for Raw Chef certification, but FEAR NOT! I have found a new school, and it is in my neighborhood, and I don't have to stop working to attend! (Hurray!) The wonderful staff and students at Matthew Kenney met with me today and showed me around the campus and discussed semester lay outs and course intensities. I am very excited to say that if all goes as planned I will be enrolling end of May to get my Raw Chef Culinary certification!! What is to come after that you ask? The last plan of action is that of fitness/kinesiology/personal trainer. I had planned to enroll in CCSF back in 2011 and was met by some international as well as accredidation issues, I had a vision for a major in kinesiology and a minor in personal training as well as taking a massage therapy course - and due to some terrible timing snags in my master plan it all abruptly fell to pieces. It is not over yet! I have been scoping out massage therapy schools in my area as well however the culinary certification is of more importance right now, and I also have not ended my dream of kinesiologist just yet! Sports medicine and therapy are very important to me and continually deeping my knowledge of the human body and how to help it stay strong will always be a major part of my life. So! Entering my 29th year of life I am about half way to my goal of crucial knowledge, and considering I only started about 6 years ago, I feel REALLY good about that!!! In a few short years all I will have left to do is expand on my truth and absorb whatever else comes my way! Have you set goals for yourself? Do you have dreams or aspirations? Jim Carrey said "you can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love" Writing things down and watching them take form is a very easy way to be accountable for yourself and your dreams. This doesn't have to be "live outside the law, own your own business, write your own rules" kind of stuff like I'm all about, this could be something as simple as remembering something from your childhood you always wanted, and just.... doing it. I went skydiving for the first time a few weeks ago, I've been planning to do this for about.... oh.... 10 years and just made it happen. It is NEVER too late. You can always make your dreams come true, if you just believe in yourself. Don't look back on your day, year, life and wish you would have "........" MAKE IT BE SO!!!! I believe in you, and with you on your team you are unstoppable!!

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