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I have passed the one month mark of my candida cleanse. "They" suggest that you need at least one month for your body to begin to heal and feel the results of the bacterial shifting inside your gut. I felt massive results and noticed changes the first two weeks of the cleanse, and now honestly... I am at the presumption that my body has adjusted to the no sugar/grains diet. My stomach size has made its way back to the slightly distended state that it always has been, my energy levels are the same and my hunger pangs have balanced back out (no more extreme hunger every 3 hours). I have potentially noticed a slight change to the color of my tongue, but lately am feeling less than certain that this was the change I was needing. I will finish out the end of the month and begin seeking a more indepth chinese medicine approach to balancing my flora. I will say this: I am so proud of how easy it has been to not eat cheese (a bit of goat cheese only) since the end of January, no pupusas (ok once) no pizza or burritos. No smoothies or fruit or raw date/cashew fueled desserts which are all part of my normal diet. I am very excited to reintegrate smoothies and fruit in as a smaller aspect of my diet and be more fully aware of my fats and green veggie intake assuring that I am entering each day with balance and whole foods. I still can't imagine my life being any healthier, and I am one step closer to my solution and to find calm and health inside and out. Part of this journey, and my purpose as a health coach is to remind myself and those I share space with that you can always expand and grow, you can always heal more and you can always strive to better yourself each and every day. Do not accept your pains and issues as absolute. Do not search for an overnight miracle fix. Your freedom comes from within. The cessation of your suffering comes from your ability to release and heal yourself from the inside out and the outside in. Do not give up, whatever your course, whatever your vision. In it to win it I always say. Find your flow and embrace all that is your truest potential!

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