Cacao guac

Who says food restrictions have to be boring!!! Sometimes that sweet tooth needs to be satisfied, whether a food craving, emotional trigger, or straight up I just friggin want some chocolate... There are ways to navigate any dietary choices and still quench your desires. Here's a recipe for a dessert guac: 2 ripe avocados 3 TBSP raw cacao (more or less to taste) dash of sea or rock salt cinnamon to taste dash of cardamom few splashes or 1/4 lime juice

coconut flakes combine all ingredients minus the flakes and mix/stir/blend into a creamy consistency, stir in coconut flakes and enjoy with your favorite snack. I munch hard with celery, but you could use anything, even just a spoon. Pro tip: put this in the freezer for 2+ hrs and let set, then remove and let chill in fridge for atleast 20 minutes and enjoy as a frozen/malt style treat!

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