The little things

I am almost at the end of the first month of this cleanse, three weeks in and feeling every little thing I do or don't eat. It's truly amazing how much effect what we put in, on and around ourself makes. I took a little surf trip this weekend and allowed myself to "cheat" and wowza... still eating 80% of my diet, my body swelled up the same as it was before I started... just by a few meals of added sugar and starch I am again bloated and fatigued. It is almost like I'm starting all over again. Which I am alright with, this has shown me so point blank about commitment and follow through and perseverence. My body needs to learn how to change and how to find the balance and routine in that aspect so it doesn't just spike up immediately like this next time. This food test is a direct mirror for moods, environment and health. When you are in a toxic environment in which you have become conditioned, it won't just change over night, it is through repetition and practice that you learn new habits and find a natural rhythm. One thing I have been employing in my life is daily reminders to take care of myself. This was fueled by a mentor reminding me that a vital key to a successful business is doing one thing a day to advance it. I have taken that advice to a personal level as well. Not that I wasn't already enjoying my life and doing things for myself all the time, but now I am recognizing WHY I am doing these things and HOW they are benefiting me, especially how they fit together to build a strong foundation of success. Each meal I am making I am reminded that I am taking this time to heal, revitalize and prolong my life. I am taking care of myself and putting my body before my cravings. I am in turn hiking more, being outdoors, sitting around less, meditating more, doing more yoga, taking more risks and trying new things This is inspiring me to take a bolder approach to making business connections, reaching out to new friends, learning new things and facing my hesitations head on to find a new limit to push myself to. Who knew snacking on celery could benefit my life so much!!! What have you done today to take care of yourself? How are you making the most of your moments and your choices? It isn't about breaking old habits, it's about making new ones and letting the old ones fall away into the past. Don't condemn yourself for your actions or believe you are some type of way, each day, each moment we are given an opportunity to be our best, choose wisely and don't hold on to the moments which didn't serve your highest potential.

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