Starting your day right

How you wake up, and what you do in your first hour, really sets the tone for your entire day. Do you have a morning routine? What do you do at the beginning of the day to take care of yourself? Self love is such an amazing foundation to set your energy in alignment with your highest potential. I am so grateful to be grounding and adjusting into my new life. I have a few things I do in the morning, and they have already become a natural element to my mornings in only two weeks, I have made a habit to have my phone on airplane mode as I sleep, and not allowing a connect to the rest of the world until I am ready, my follow up plan to this is deleting a lot of my social media apps off my phone to be able to stay present in my daily activities.

I have my journal right beside my bed, so the moment I wake up, I am able to write and have no distractions of getting what is jumping around inside of me set free. Currently I am doing a Bentonite Clay detox - so every night before I go to bed I set out a glass of clay/water mixture, I need to take this an hour apart of my vitamins, so the moment I wake up I am going ot the kitchen to stir in some psyllium husks and down my morning glass of earth, another glass of water and a quick morning pee and I come back to my room. This gives me the perfect opportunity to do my morning yoga and meditation. I start with a few sun salutations and then shift into free flow. Currently I am dealing with some lower back pain so am focusing on that and on elongating my hamstrings to allow my legs/hips/low back to expand. I choose some nice Binaural music or 428htz toning chakra meditation music to welcome me into the morning. I have reintroduced a 10 minute morning meditation, which is very comfortable and will soon expand to 30 - you can't imagine how easy it is to increase time and just, sit. From here I reenter the kitchen (or perhaps have a nice poop first). I set up my water and vitamins and take a nice goosebump inducing shot of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with trace minerals. This helps boost my metabolism and set the ideal pH for my stomach for the day as well as ensure I am getting proper minerals from the get go. When you do this in the morning you are letting your body know you are taking care of yourself and will be nourished, which lets it understand the most optimum way to metabolize your meals through the day. Now I'm ready to begin! And I have done so much in one to two hours in the morning, all 100% self care and self love. I do a lot of this infront of the mirror, recognizing myself and who I am, how I look and how I feel, and embracing it. Embracing my body in all my poses and being aware of my stature. In doing this I feel that I really allow myself to take care. In the last two weeks I have had almost no desire to eat different or "bad" food, I have been making green veggies for breakfast, preparing my own lunches and coming home excited to make dinner. This is a big shift from a girl who loves Indian and Thai and often stops for pupusas or tacos through the day. What do you do to take care of yourself? I encourage you to do one thing this week, choose one daily task to incorporate into your day which allows you to love yourself just a little bit more!!!

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