Passing the one week mark

Wow, it is February 9th already. Where does the time go?! I can't believe how well I have adjusted to this diet. No fruit, no cheese, no grains, no smoothies, no chocolate, no burritos or tacos or pupusas or pizza.. And my cravings really aren't that significant at all! I have gone through waves of cleansing and tonight will start preparing for my bentonite clay detoxing to pull all the chemicals and toxins out of my body. I have definitely noticed a lot of swelling go down in my body and perhaps a bit of weight loss. I really haven't been exercising or doing anything differently besides eliminating all chances of fermentation in my tummy! I'm not too sure about other things yet as we are still early in the journey! I will say this forsure, it is recommended to take it easy as you may feel significant decrease in energy, but I am not feeling that at all. I am up by 8am and busy busy busy all day long. My mind is sharp and I am being very proactive with my time. I am very grateful I have given myself this opportunity to heal and take care of myself. No matter what you do, I highly encourage you to take time for yourself each day, to heal, to grow, to learn. In only 9 days of focusing on myself I am inspired to do so many other things in my life in the same light. When we are given this little reminder of our worth, we can achieve greatness. I was recently told a secret to success and it is to do one thing, each day to advance your career (or life in this case). Do one thing every day which will make your life better, yourself more successful and everything around you more prosperous. I don't know about you but I function extremely well with lists, I can check them off and know I am doing many things for myself as well as feel accomplished by following through. I have three things on the agenda today; banking, phone repair and a manicure. What do you have going on?

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