The vibes and the smell (and what to do about it!)

Four days into this cleanse and I can already feel a SIGNIFICANT change in my body chemistry. First of all, this is not as hard as I believed it would be, I am quite impressed with my ability to deter my cravings for things like chocolate, burritos, pizza and smoothies, (my normal balaned diet) and was very quickly reminded that this doesn't have to be boring! Why be a chef if you can't utilize it in interesting situations such as these!!!

So my observations of day two and three were quite pungent. My body odor especially from under my arms, is well... the worst I have ever smelled coming out of me. And it was only taking about four hours from washing until it would return. UUMMM EWWW gross, seriously! I am very glad that my body is detoxing so quickly but also; how am I supposed to live my life, work, cuddle and just go through my day with this overbearing stench coming out of me!!??? I decided to be proactive about it. As I was cleaning my bathroom I thought, this vinegar would likely neutralize my armpits as well, so I gave it a shot and washed them with vinegar then had a shower as I was finishing cleaning. Upon internet researching I found that this is a widely discussed treatment of odour and sweating. Well, here we are about 15 hours later and I still smell fairy fresh, so I'm hoping that as the detoxing continues the smell will decrease but also am grateful that I have a magic solution to deter my pits from dampening my day! And what about my vibes?! Well, let me tell you!! They are tremendously high! I will admit I am a bit light headed and understand why they recommend no vigorous activities while doing the diet. I am exercising and doing yoga and will go surfing later this week - but with caution as I see how I am a bit altered as all this is being stirred up inside me. BUT there are NO food pangs, no irritability due to hunger, no emotional rollercoasters as I am breaking sugar and starch habits (mostly sugar, I eat a LOT of fruit) And each time I eat I am more inspired about what recipe I can attempt next. Yesterday I made a vegan/candida "pancake breakfast" using eggplant, coconut oil, yogurt and almond butter, choice spices and healthy fatty nuts. I am going to start recording my recipes and perhaps put a little cookbook together. I know at least for me, it would be a great healthy reference for the future. So as you see this girl, and all her stoke, remember she may smell, but it's part of the natural process. Don't let that keep you away from super awesome fun times to be had while the elimination of poison begins!!!

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