Shopping for "the cleanse"

Coming home from the store now with my initial groceries for the candida cleanse. A whole lotta green in there! I just enjoyed my last bagel with avocado, coconut oil, garlic and hot sauce. Atleast I can still eat half of those ingredients in the next month! I've come to learn that although there is an organic grocery store on my street two blocks down, it's a bit in the bougie department. One bag of some veggies, yogurt and tiny amout of bulk was 45! JEEZ! That is definitely one thing I will miss about the Mission; my accesibility to organic produce at bodega pricing! I managed to come home with this: almonds

zucchini Pairing that with what I have at home: apple cider vinegar coconut oil spices I am inspired to make some homemade dressings and sauces, as well as pulling out the dehydrator to make some quinoa/millet crackers. I will definitely be dipping into the memory bank of my raw food days for preparation and chopping techniques to keep it interesting. I fully intend to write down (and not lose) all the recipes I create as I believe this will be a great learning and expanding experience. I am initially pairing this cleanse with Betaine HCL (hydrochloric acid tablets) and will be doing two daily oz shots of apple cider vinegar. If you are familiar with Doshas, in Ayurveda - I am a fairly even blend of the three doshas, Vata, Pitta, Kapha, with Kapha the lesser of the three. (21/28/16) In accordance to this cleanse, this means I will be giving my Kapha dosha type a chance to shine and balance out. Vata and Pitta both have desired sweet flavorings, and are generally wanting to be warmer and more external. Strengthening my Kapha will train my palate and my body to respond to other tastes and flavors, and allow my body to slow down and metabolize energy from sources it is not generally used to. I have chosen a wonderful time to do this cleanse settling into my new home as my strong two doshas really request the nesting factor in a stable environment. I anticipate I will have in the beginning a decrease in energy as I am not getting it from sugars or starches, which may leav eme a bit more irritable than normal, but hopefully within the second week I will regain and fully absorb my nutrients from my protein sources and begin to find a balance. Here it goes! Talk to you tomorrow afternoon!

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