Hello 2016!!

Nothing short of 22 months to make a big shift in life! Where have I been you ask?! Well! Just all over the USA and Latin America! I took Benevolent Bounty on the road and set up shop in a tiny surf village in El Salvador. Finding local ingredients to make sourced, organic foods to sell at the only cafe in town enabled me to relax and surf while I set in motion solid long term goals for myself, my business and my life! I took a job teaching children at a tiny not for profit school in the village and did my best at mentoring them while teaching valuable lessons on communication and respect. I was lucky enough to be accompanied by a fellow canadian who had a love of the ocean such as mine, spending our early mornings before school out in the waves, and a holistic mother/teacher who taught yoga twice a week to keep me centered and at peace in my new environment. From there I flew to New York! What a culture shock let me tell you! Jumping head first into the chaotic city and engulfing myself in chocolates, desserts and body work - setting my new plans in action of establishing my vegan dessert business. If you knew, you CAN surf in Queens, but I am VERY glad to be back on the pacific. And here I am now, settling into my new home in Los Angeles. Ready to embark on a sturdy and eventful chapter in my life. I have meetings with chefs, have got my new branding underway and am looking at options of expansion for the places I can take my creations. I am here for Benevolent Bounty, I am here for you, and most importantly, I am here for myself. Stay tuned for all the exciting things Benevolent Bounty has to offer and find out how you can incorporate it into your life as well! much love Joanna

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