I've been hard at work

I feel like a bit of a blogging failure as its been FOREVER since I last posted. BUT I have been doing some pretty amazing things in that time. I went to Vegas/Red Rock Canyon, I did a mini American burlesque tour, I had an unexpected and unwelcomed reality check medical issue arise, get dealt with and sorted out, I made it down to Mexico, got caught up on my homework and have been working my buns off at the store learning all the products and getting things prepared for networking down here. I am currently doing research on some of my favorite standard health food dessert recipes to give a presentation a the Mercado Organico here on Saturday, so... that's pretty huge! I've got to do about an hour a week of writing on it this week on top of my school work and life work and surfing and all the things you know... I don't know how or why I do the things I do, but hey, someone has to. Research is fun, comparable data is fun, writing my story is fun and everything I do is fun, but man its overwhelming a bit. If only I had a scooter... anyone want to lend me 700$ so I can get around town more efficiently?! It's all I ask.... ;) aaahh well... back to the longboard (which is awesome enough, just not so much uphill) Things I've been studying - the nutritional difference between my ingredients and conventional ingredients - what actually is in the food I eat (vitmanin and mineral wise) and how to modify these ingredients to make multiple treats. Stay tuned, now that I'm in a stationary location for quite some time, I plan to get back on the regular for my life, my schedule and my committments. Lovelove

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