Obsessive eating, cravings, emotions

We all do it. Some are more aware than others on the reality of it. Deconstructing our cravings, being aware of our emotional eating and linking foods and food sources to life events are all major issues when trying to establing a healthy relationship with food. We have comfort foods, stress foods, foods for every occassion of emotion. There have been many studies linking foods to opiate receptors, dopanine release, hormonal suppression and many other chemical reactions inside out bodies. Not to mention the psychological memories we tie to foods, whether we go to something for the right or wrong corrolation of who or what or when it represents. Eating that piece of pizza after a victory - links the pizza to success Eating lasagna when you get dumped - more of the same. Coming to a realization where we understand what we do with food and why, and being able to eat for nutrition instead of emotion, is of the utmost importance to our health. Step one is becoming aware that this is happening Proactive step two - recreating these foods, so that if you still need to go for the cake, it is this cake: http://www.groundednutrition.com/recipes/raw-vegan-turtle-cheesecake/ Step three: eliminating the connection of food and feelings I'm not saying you can't feel good from eating something you enjoy, or that eating something that tastes good won't make you feel better - but I am suggesting/encouraging that you are able to feel feelings freely ;) without needing the food sensory connection Once we can remove the food/emotion bond, we can learn to adapt to healthier food choices, to check in on our hunger levels - and train our mind to regulate hormones without saturdated fat and sugars and starches.


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