We have been so trained by society that we will fail. That we are inadequate, we cannot do all the things we dream up. The guys in this video have anything different than us, except possibly less push from media telling them how to think (I don't know, I've never been to Russia - but I bet they don't have as many Dove/Axe ads brainwashing us on how to look instead of how to act) I don't watch a lot of videos online - but most of the people I subscribe to along the lines of extreme sports and athletes - are Russian. Something over there lets them push to adrenaline mode without fear of failure. You can impact your reality with your thoughts. "they must be crazy" "they must have a death wish" "they are so selfish" whatever label and theory we give people like this - really, we are jealous. We are jealous that we cannot do something SO METICULOUSLY that it doesnt matter if it's on a jungle gym, or a high level bridge. And let's face it - not many of us can even to chin ups on ANY bar - let alone hundreds of feet above ground, while taking a selfie. DEDICATION FOCUS COMMITMENT BELIEF These are the words that let you live your dreams. I might not always succeed at what I try, and often I don't give it the amount of dedication it deserves to harness said skill or interest. But my first step - is getting out there and doing it. Have the idea Make the action Study the technique Follow through Succeed. The only thing holding you back is yourself.

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