long time no talk

Whoa - what a week I've had. Things I could touch in on - I've eaten WAY too much bread since I got to the hotel. Being a vegetarian inside a super fancy schmancy hotel is a bit unavailable! Of course for the days in red rock I was very active, but I have definitely felt a difficulty of trying to follow any type of regime for fitness and movement. Believe it or not the sitting all day is tougher on my ankle then the canyon hiking was! I have something to confess - I eat chocolate - like... a lot of it... like 1/3 to 1/2 a dark salted bar a day. I have not bought a bar since I left Canada! That's a week! I can't believe it! I almost don't even care! Now this isn't becuse eating delicious dark chocolate is bad, or you shouldn't do it. I just needed a reality check to let my brain know that I can do just fine without it, and when I get it, it's still just as delicious, but I definitely don't need to have it on hand daily. Which is great - because except for the stuff I make my own, there is no quality chocolate to be found in Mexico. I had to really work my mind through not being able to climb on my birthday climbing adventure, adn after 2 failed climbs - I did a mental exercise - letting myself know it is in my mind. I have the balance and ability to do this. I can do this. My ankle isn't as bad as I think it is. Everything will work out. And I finished 2 routes after that. Hooray! Positive Mental Attitude FTW! I have gained MUCH amazing insite this week, through my own trials, and through this conference I am at on vision and success. I can't wait to decompress and work all of this into my life, and get back on track. I will be in touch more soon and provide some photos and videos - although I haven't taken much... all the love

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