You're vegan?? Where do you get your protein from!?

These cookies of course! (and all that ice cream)(i mean vegan lies)(I mean shut up I'll call it whatever I want) These cookies are straight protein goodness, DELICIOUS, and ones you can feel good about having 3 of. The contents? 1 Cup (1 Can) Chickpeas 8T Peanut Butter (or whatever nut butter, but the peanut taste is great in these) 8T chocolate pieces/chips of choice 1/4C Honey 3t baking powder 2t vanilla 1 dash sea salt Blend all together except chocolate, mix in at the end, bake at 375 (ish) for 15 (ish) - I always just make it up You can also ditch the baking powder and use this as a raw hummus and dip apples or carrots or whatever you want in it!! 8T peanut butter = 32 grams protein 1 C chick peas = 39 grams Thats over 6g protein per cookie! **there is about 13g protein in an egg AWESOME

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