Final Feasts

My last day at mom's house. I can't believe how quickly two months went. WHOA. It seems like only last week I arrived. I guess I've been busy! I did today, what any level headed girl would do, made ice cream out of all the remaining cashews, and brussels sprouts / mini potato soup from all my left overs. Don't want to leave mom with un used food! Unforntuately, the new vitamix I bought for mom fizzed out today - it's going back to the warehouse tomorrow to get repaired... so we were sans smoothie today. I'm really glad I will only be a few short days without a juicer, however I'm sure I will find a good spot in vegas to drink up! I can't wait for my journey ahead, and love the fact that each time I come to visit Lethbridge, I enjoy it more. Gymnastics has been the bees knees - even injured, and I got mom climbing, WOOT - next time, when I'm healthy and stable - I will re look at the aerials and dance classes here, and hopefully get more longboarding in too!

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