Delicious, Nutritious, "Vegan lies"

What an exciting gymnastics class last night, three friends from school joining in the madness. Highschool reunion - but way better, cuz we're doing things we love and having fun! It feels good to share feeling good with people, I hope that they keep going, and that by the next time I visit they've transformed their lives, into crazy clownly, flippy madness! (Or something like that!) Becky had the priviledge of driving me home last night, and I decided what a way to celebrate such a fun class, than to maximize the exercise with some high protein, high fat snacking. We decided to make cashew ice cream! A young boy once told me that my food wasn't food - it was VEGAN LIES - because this, is not ice cream. There is no sugar, eggs or cream in it. But I think that I much rather prefer this bowl, to haagen daas. Cashews, chocolate almond milk, maca powder, seeds, cinnamon, honey - throw some frozen blueberries on top for good measure! VOILA! INSANITY OF FLAVOR! Next time - I'll *try* to take a picture - the thing is I get so excited I forget... haha! After one of the most stressful days I've had in months, it felt amazing to get to the gym and work it out through handstands and tumbles. What did you do yesterday that made your day? What will you do TODAY?!!?

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