It's funny when you are in a familiar place, how your brain triggers you to feel certain feelings, and have certain - omg i can barely resist it cravings..... Today - was that of Dairy Queen. Driving down a street with DQ at the end, in earlier years I would have immediately gone there for a fix. The combined knowledge of my undesire to eat dairy, and my knowing I definitely don't want the dairy and food 'products' which are specially reserved for places like DQ AND knowing that this was a mental craving, triggered by scene and setting - kept me driving home, and feeling good about it. By the time I got home, got settled and relaxed a minute, my cravings were still hitting strong. So I did what any level minded food smart gal would do - I got out my ice cream maker. Filling my beloved Vitamix with Banana, almond milk, chopped dates, enough maca to blow my load, cinnamon and raw/royal jelly honey - I started on my way. Adding in fresh chopped strawberries, dark salted chocolate pieces as it churned in my Cuisinart and garnishing it with coconut flakes - I was just in time for my long lost roommate Raegan to show up. Who since I last saw her, has emerged out of the hell hole existence we used to live, and found fitness and health as her desired life choice. We caught up over the bowls of delight - sharing our love for fitness, body acceptance, movement, health, vegan lifestyles as well as the knowing that - for her (and I) at the beginning of the journey - you lose a lot of friends. You don't have the desire to drink, party, stay out all night, go on benders, eat bad food, eat all your meals at pubs while you pound back rum and cokes. There is more than this. And I'm so happy she is waking up to it as well. (again). What amazing timing! How just last night she was researching online places to go to school for health coaching, nutrition, and holistic/vegan life style options. IIN was sure to ease into conversation, and I just might have gotten myself a new homework buddy! I'm here for you Raegan, it's a big jump, but the thrill is worth the anticipation!! When I quit smoking - I told myself "smoking makes me sick" "gives me a headache" "gives me a stomach ache" "I hate smoking" "I'm a non smoker" "I do not like smoking" within a week of doing this, I literally started developing these symptoms when I'd reach for a dart. In no time at all I would actually get aches in my arm that was holding the cigarette. One day, I simply gave my last one away, telling the stranger it was alright "it's my last one". Our minds are so powerful, it is healthy to recognize finding a healthy version of ice cream is alright every so often, and that knowing you haven't "failed" but also to know you have the power to change something you think you are a victim to. You are a victim to yourself, and that alone. No product can control you, not even me! here's a cute article I found on cravings: here's a link with some cool stuff on monks and brains "Meditation research, particularly in the last 10 years or so, has shown to be very promising because it points to an ability of the brain to change and optimise in a way we didn't know previously was possible."

#cravings #icecream

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