Food Combining

Here's a fun topic, Food Combining! Some people wonder, why when the eat healthy all the time, they still cannot change their body shape, energy levels or weight. Well, what you eat, when you eat it and what you eat it with have major factors in how your body will digest and process the nutrients. The one combination I know that I do, which most theories tell you not to, is that of fruits and (well anything) but mainy starches. I eat fruit in my oatmeal, this is purely for taste and enjoyment. I am curious to see at some point, if I eliminate the fruit from my breafast bowl and leave it all in the smoothie, what will happen to my stomach and energy, but that day isn't today. Here's a few links with some ideas on food combining - please try to play around with the do's and no's and check in if you feel any differences.

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