5 minute Stretch

Making a 5 minute video of stretching was actually almost difficult, as I normally do about 15-20 minutes of stretches. I'm really looking forward to doing this on a regular basis with you all and know that together we can stick to it! Here is a quick video of my first morning of stretches for you to try out. It gets cut off early as my alarm clock went off. This is my first day, give me a break ;)

Please stretch to your abilities and let me know if you would like specific movements for your conditions.

Over the next few days I will have specialized plans for everyone as to where we are able to move. What you miss at the end of the video is a simple neck stretch. Left shoulder and ear touch, then right, front and back then 3 clockwise rotations and 3 counter clockwise rotations. Give your whole body a little shake and off you go!!


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