March 1st. First blog ever!!

I started my day with a delicious breakfast of garlic asparagus and red cabbage - I encourage you to stray away from the norm of set meal ideas. A hearty serving of vegetables gives your body the healthy notion of what it can expect, and it fuels it up for more optimal output in your day!

I've had an indulgence today - Hot Chocolate - not so bad, and all things considered, I deserve it. My alternator belt blew on my car and I was waiting for a tow truck at 10am! What a way to start my March!! I did resist on buying the cookie to go with it, and was very proud of myself!! Didn't think I'd end up spending my morning at the Curling rink today! Watchign those kids push (yes push, they weren't very good (YET)) rocks across the ice made me feel nostalgic and remember how awesome and fun curling can be with the right teammates!

Thank goodness for awesome things like AMA (who didn't even check if I was my mom or not) and friends like Kyle, who are outside fixing my car in -30* weather. He is getting a bonus FOR SURE!

Dreaming of the California coastline as I TRY to unthaw my frozen little feet!!! Warming myself up with a lunch of oats. It's doing the trick. and YUM! Steel Cut oats (or SCROATS as I like to call them!) Maca, cinnamon, chia, ground flax, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, frozen blueberries! By the time the oats are cool enough to eat, the blueberries are thawed enough to blend! Indulging in a dinner out with Travis tonight, I had Vegetable Satay, omg it's so spicy and filling and delicious. I always get so full at vietnamese - the power of spices is AMAZING! Mom has been having insomnia problems lately - and "intuitively""randomly" asks me "what's dill good for nutritionally?" Here's what I found: Look at that! amazing cure for a good night's sleep!!

Reflecting on the day: I'm glad I watched We're the Millers, because, OML it was the funniest movie I've seen in a while, but I NEED to do some homework!!! Good night everyone, and thanks for playing.

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