Healing offerings

We all keep lifetimes of pain, trauma and stress inside of us and through coaching, body and soul work and meditation, we can release and unwind this pain to become our true authentic selves. It's as simple as taking the first step! Whether we meet for one life changing day, you commit to a coaching package or something completely unique - the right energy is here for you to tap into your power!

How does it sound to you, to live a life full of abundance, gratitude and soul exploration?  When you open yourself up to the possibility of infinite empowerment, your life truly begins. I am here to embark that journey with you. We are all masters of our destiny, we have simply forgotten our truth. By using precise tools to target your needs we can unlock your highest potential for self worth, divine love and celestial purpose. 


We will create a wellness package or session for you geared to your physical and spiritual needs and requests.  As we progress, we can fine tune your sessions to open you up further as you become more comfortable with yourself and your abilities.

Please refer to online packages page for pricing and commitments

We all have a story to tell, and no menu of services can come close to summing up what it is that makes up who we are or how we connect. The past ten years of my life however; has had a focused culmination of practices, meditations and healing modalities to create most of what it is I offer you through ritual body work and energy healing. Don't worry if this list looks confusing to you, or you don't yet know what you need, healing meets us where we're at, we navigate together!


~ Worthiness Activation Facilitation
~ Therapeutic Bodywork
~ Intuitive Somatic Bodywork and Healing
~ Sports Therapy Bodywork and Stretching
~ Lymphatic Massage
~ Reflexology 
~ Cupping / Moxa / Gua Sha
~ Posture Therapy 
~ Reiki
~ Breathwork
~ Meditation
~ Eye Gazing
~ Kundalini awakening and honoring
~ Toning and Chanting
~ Ritualistic Experiencing
~ Buddhist Meditation, Philosophy
~ Ho'oponopono
~ Akashic Records Readings
~ Chakra Cleansing and Balancing
~ Divine Channeling  
~ Somatic Healing Therapy
~ Relationship and Love Coaching
~ Holistic Health Coaching
~ Authentic Relating, NVC, Compassionate Communication